Lamar Odom’s Healing Journey with Ketamine Treatments

Lamar Odom’s Healing Journey with Ketamine Treatments

Behind the Scenes with Reborn Director and KetaMD Co-Founder Zappy Zapolin

When I first met Lamar. he was in a pretty dark place. I was concerned that if he didn’t change his reality, he could potentially overdose and die at some point. After spending time with him, I realized that he had had a lot of trauma in his life. His mom died when he was 12 years old, and he had a son who died at six months old. I told Lamar that I thought that in order for him to get in touch with himself and get some answers and healing, he was going to have to go inside his own mind. 

Up to that point, Lamar had been looking for answers outside of himself in the physical world. I convinced him to come in to a clinic to do a ketamine treatment and it was his first time ever using a psychedelic medicine. Lamar had always been told not to use psychedelics, because if he had a bad experience as an African American man, he could be put in a mental institution or even end up in jail.

Despite his hesitations, Lamar had an incredible first ketamine session. When he came out of it, he said he felt like he was in heaven and didn’t want to leave. In fact, he said it was the best he ever felt in his whole life. I asked Lamar to come with me to some of the top ketamine doctors in the country including Dr. Brooks in New York and Dr. Stephen Mandel in Los Angeles, and each time Lamar went deeper and deeper in the ketamine experience. He said he felt like he was building his brain back up after the 12 strokes and 6 heart attacks that he suffered back in 2015.

Lamar is such a cool guy and has so much experience with reality TV from his years on “Keeping up with the Kardashians” that when I asked him if I could film his ketamine treatments, he was very open to it. Lamar knew that sharing his experience — if it was successful — would help so many people that are suffering with their mental health.

Lamar’s journey eventually became the documentary Lamar Odom: Reborn which is now available on YouTube. He hopes the movie will inspire others who are suffering with addiction, anxiety, and other mental health issues to seek treatment. 

Lamar Odom with KetaMD Co-Founders and Filmmakers Zappy Zapolin and Warren Gumpel

Since that time, Lamar has continued to do ketamine treatments at home with KetaMD, and each time he does it, he says he feels like he’s building back more and more of the brain power he had before his near-fatal overdose. He says that he no longer craves cocaine or other drugs, and truly feels “reborn.”

Lamar says he believes that ketamine treatment should be part of every rehab center. At KetaMD, we agree! We founded this company to make medical ketamine accessible and affordable for everyone who is suffering from suicidal ideation, addiction, anxiety, and depression.


We thank Lamar for being such a powerful spokesperson for mental health!

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