Prescribed by medical professionals and guided by registered nurses via our secure, HIPAA-compliant platform, KetaMD provides safe, effective, and potentially life-changing at-home ketamine treatments for those who are suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental health challenges.



See if You’re a Candidate

Complete a health assessment to determine if you’re a candidate for ketamine treatment.

Meet Virtually with a Licensed Medical Professional

You’ll schedule a consultation with a KetaMD medical provider who will review your health assessment with you and determine if KetaMD is right for you.

Your Medication is Shipped

Your prescribed medication will be shipped to you, along with your KetaMD Welcome Kit, including an eye mask and blood pressure monitor for your treatment.

Complete Your Nurse-Guided Treatment Sessions

Each scheduled treatment session will be virtually led by a certified Nurse Guide through our secure, easy-to-use KetaMD app.

Aftercare Integration

KetaMD treatments open the door to real, meaningful change. You can enhance the benefits, lasting rewards, and results of your ketamine treatments through one-on-one integration coaching and additional resources available in our app.

Booster Treatments

For a large majority of those undergoing ketamine treatment for depression, over time, those symptoms may start to return.  Everyone is different and we’ll discuss the possible maintenance programs available. 

KetaMD’s Ketamine

Treatment Protocols

1, 2, 4 or 6 Treatments

Starting as low as $249

Lamar Odom Ketamine Treatment

What's Included:

  • KetaMD Companion App
  • KetaMD Welcome Kit
  • Medical Consultation
  • Shipped Medication
  • Dedicated Care Concierge
  • Treatment Preparation
  • KetaMD Eye Mask & Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Ketamine Treatments Monitored by KetaMD Certified Nurse-Guide
  • Free Shipping
  • After Care Integration & Support

Are there more plans?

We will accommodate one, two, four or six treatment protocols, depending on your medical provider recommendation and personal circumstances.  Our maintenance programs includes booster treatments personalized for you.

Is insurance accepted?

While ketamine is legally prescribed, it’s considered an off-label medication for mental health treatment.  As a result, most insurance companies do not reimburse for the cost of treatment.  We will work with you on possible steps you can take with your insurance provider that could help cover some of your out-of-pocket costs.